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Did you know? The majority of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.

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The following are parts and pieces of website letters we have collected over the past couple of years. We've enjoyed reading each and everyone, and appreciate the time and effort our customers have put into passing along the occasional "good word".

Zotter The Potter

My adorable crock just arrived perfectly done in perfect condition . As usual!!! Thank you so much.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas !! 
Mary Therese K #personalizedgifts
We received the crock in perfect shape and it's already been wrapped and ready for gifting! It's just beautiful, thanks so very much! I'm sure Kate and Craig will treasure it!~~Linda C. from Lumberton, NJ
Just wanted to say that I love your pieces and have enjoyed sending orders to my friends and about to order another. Have never received a piece of my own though. Think I should change that soon. Anyway, Thanks for your beautiful work.Janie L
I just wanted to tell you that I received my crock yesterday and I love it!! My Dad made wooden spoons out of as many different types of wood that he could get his hands on. His collection has over 225 spoons and the name of each wood is written on the handle. He passed away this past summer at age 69. It was a shock to my entire family. My Mom has shared some of his spoons with us kids to have and remember. I put my 30 spoons in your beautiful crock and it is a perfect home to the beautiful legacy my Dad has left us.
Jen H
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received it today and I am extremely happy with how it turned out! You did an amazing job! Thank you again for all of your help!
Thank you Jennie H. from Augusta, GA!
Received your pottery and oh my goodness I LOVE it!! Thanks so much for getting it out to me in time for our anniversary next week. I can not wait to give it to my hubby so that I can look at it everyday on our kitchen counter. I love to collect pottery and being that the 9 year wedding anniversary suggests pottery as a gift this is absolutely perfect!
Thanks so much for everything.
Sincerely, Erika 


I just wanted to Thank You. We were given the wedding "vase" for a gift. I loved it so much I wanted to see your other products. Thanks again. Have a
great weekend.

Sincerely, - Rosann K.


We received one of your beautiful marriage crocks as a wedding present. It was such a special gift and has always been one of our favorites! Just wanted to let you know we loved your work and will check back to your site for gift ideas.

-Pudge & Tina F.


Got your postcard in the mail, and bookmarked your site. I ordered your marriage crock when our first daughter got married 3 years ago, and will buy more as our other girls marry. I seldom order from catalogues, but your crock caught my eye, and was a big hit. Glad to see your line of items... I'm sure I'll order some as occasions come up in the future.

- Eleanor


I am glad that you are finally online! I am a proud owner of one of your Christmas pitchers which was given to me by my wife as a Christmas present.  It is on display in my home 365 days a year. We both appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into your work. Thanks for taking the time to read my letter and keep up the good work!

- Joseph D.


I was in your store with a group for a tour yesterday and decided to visit your web site.  I just wanted to let you know that your web site is the most enjoyable business web site I have visited.  I loved your family history and the information about your staff.  I am going to be dropping hints to my husband to order me a Mother's Day pot. 

- Marsha


I have previously bought 2 pots from you through a catalog.  I am so excited that I can now find you on the internet.  I can see more pieces in my future.  Thanks for making beautiful, personal pieces...they're wonderful!!

- Kimberly B.


I received the marriage crock I ordered today.  My daughter has decided that this will be her "signature" wedding gift to everyone she knows.  They are beautiful. 

- Barbara D.


I ordered the wedding crock through an American Country magazine.  I ordered the crock for a friend of mine and just received the crock today!  It is beautiful!  If it wasn't personalized, I think I would have had a hard time parting with it!  I was very happy to see that you had a website and had to check it out!  You will be seeing another order from me soon, this time for myself!

- Susan B.


I had to tell that the pot with my anniversary date and names on it went over great as a Birthday gift to my wife.  It was an extra special gift.  Thanks, 

- Wayne


I absolutely love your work.  My mother had gotten a crock for my wedding and I loved it and asked her where she got it.  I have since ordered one for my best friend on her wedding and I am about to order another one.  I have told every one I know about them.  Everyone loves mine.  I am also thrilled to see that you make personalized dog bowls.  Your web site is Great! Thank you very much for the great gift ideas!!!!  Yours truly,

- Amy B.


Dear Folks,
I have two of your wedding crocks and love 'em. That being said, let me also say that your web site is one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had on my PC. I like your work ethic...wish more people shared your philosophy. Thank You.

- Leslie E.


Very nice web site.  I have one of your pots and just LOVE it.  Keep up the good work.

- Marge


Dear Zotter,
My grandmother ordered a marriage crock as a wedding gift last year for me and my husband, Matt.  We have enjoyed it immensely.  I thought it such a unique gift and love seeing our name and date personalized as it's displayed in our kitchen. I have appreciated the reminder cards occasionally sent our way, as well, and this time spotted your website address.  So glad I found it!  What a great line you have.  I just read your history, and I wanted to send you a line, telling you how much we've enjoyed your product.  It's always nice to hear a good word.  Good luck in the future; I know we will be a continued customer. Sincerely,

- Anita and Matt W.


Love the jar and the workmanship . enjoyed reading your history.

- Michael & Bonnie


Dear Walt,
A note here, to let you know that the rest of my order arrived safely and in perfect condition today! So: 3 pet bowls and 1 marriage crock are "home," ready to be gift-wrapped and presented to my hubby for our 13th wedding anniversary on the 22nd of this month.

I want you to know that my 4 pieces are lovely; I simply love them; they are 100% PERFECT for what they represent in my marriage and life. They shall be well cared for and treasured for the rest of our lives.

Also, I want to thank you for your follow-up and phone calls when my order first arrived and there was a problem. I appreciate your efforts, goodwill and prompt problem-correction.

As an aside: the pet bowls you made represent my family's first generation of beloved fur and feather babies, our "children." We are into our second generation now, and, as time passes, I trust you'll still 'be around' to again allow us to have such treasures for tribute. (PLEASE!! You MUST stay in business!)

Thank you, Walt, for your products and service!!

- Scarlet


I recently received one of your pieces as a wedding gift and just wanted to let you know it is beautiful.
Thank you so much.

- Donna


My daughter just received a piece of your pottery as a wedding gift. It is just beautiful.

- Mrs. G. H.


I recently ordered the wedding crock from the Faith Mountain catalogue. I knew I would get a quality piece of workmanship, but, I never expected to fall in love with the end result. I truly enjoy the crock. I know that my true friend will cherish it for many years to come (Joyce & Guy - Sept 25). Your web site is a great place also, it is put together very well. Thank You for the opportunity to purchase these keepsakes.

- Billie D.


Received marriage crock yesterday. Order placed Sept. 29 and requested delivery by Oct. 22 if at all possible. Thank you. I love your personalized pottery and appreciate your wonderful customer service and promptness. Thanks again.

- Sheryl R.


I love your pots, I have given so many as gifts already and everyone loves them!!!
Thanks again,

- Kathleen R.


I ordered a pitcher for my in-laws for Christmas, and it was wonderful.  I couldn't be more pleased, especially since it was personalized.
Thanks so much.

- Liz R.


I recently received one of your crocks as a gift.  It's awesome.  Please send me a catalog of your products!!

-Suzanne S.


My husband and I received one of the stoneware pitchers with our name on it for Christmas and it was an awesome gift. We just got married in October and it is so fun to receive items that have my new last name on it. And, as we are establishing our new home, it's a great piece to share together and display for family and friends.

- Stephanie H.


I have just received an Anniversary vase. It was a gift from my good friend Gerald F. of Kingsport Tennessee. You will be pleased to hear that it arrived safe and sound in Oxford, England. We are so thrilled with it and I feel sure that in the not too distant future we shall be placing an order of our own.

- Tony S.            
Oxford. England


I ordered your wedding crock from the Plow & Hearth catalog as a gift for my newly married daughter for Christmas and it was her favorite gift! Great craftsmanship, fast service, safely packaged arrival!

- Leigh O.


I absolutely love your wedding crocks, and I love to give them for bridal showers.  Thanks for the great work! 

- Lori


we just received a wedding gift from Dave and MaryJane B.  We absolutely LOVE our pot!  It's for our wedding of November 27th.  We'd love a catalog so we can send stuff to our friends when they get married!  Thanks for such a beautiful handmade gift!  We'll treasure it! 

- Laurie and David W.


I have ordered six or more wedding crocks for my friends and family..all have been very pleased with their gift. thanks,

- Shelly C.


I am interested in a marriage crock. As this would be the second that I have purchased from you, I was wondering if you offer any sort of 'repeat customer' discount?  (I have found these to be VERY nice gifts for close relatives & friends.)  Also, what is the price for shipping that crock?  Thank you in advance for your attention. 

- Melinda M.


I now have your website bookmarked.  I have purchased your wares in the past as gifts to mark special occasions.  You have not only a quality and artful product, but your merchandise is a lasting gift which I'm sure will be passed on in families.  There are no "special" occasions coming up in the near future, but I look forward to future purchases.  I wish you the best.

- Sharon L.


We love our marriage crock!!  It has almost been a year since we got married and tonight I ordered one for our friends who are getting married the weekend after our Anniversary.

Everyone who comes to our house just loves the crock!!  "What a great gift idea" is the most common response.  The crock is even more special because we have family from Pittsburgh and it reminds us of them and the friends who gave it to us.

Thank you for your great work!  We hope to visit your store the next time we are in town...keep throwing!!

- Ellen and Tim B.
Annapolis, MD


ztp et all,
I first ordered a marriage crock in 1994(I think) it was so beautiful that I fell in love with it.  It is now the gift I give all of my special friends who are getting married.  I just ordered another one today. I look forward to seeing her face when I give it to her at her shower.  Hopefully, she'll love it as much as I do.  Thank you for making a beautiful product. 

- Sue G.  


I have ordered the Marriage Crock and look forward to giving it as a wedding gift.  My husband and I received one from my sister in law as a wedding gift in July and loved it b/c it was personalized.  This is now my 2nd order since then and I think I have found my permanent wedding gift!!
 Thank you..

-Tricia C.


Recently I purchased a wedding crock for a friend.  i love it so much that i am also requesting one for my own wedding upcoming in september. i just wanted to let you know that your work is great and it shows.  I love the crock

- Cheryl U.


Thank you so much for the marriage crock.  I ordered it for my husband's 35th Wedding Anniversary present.  He loved it and so did I.  Thank you so much for the beautiful crock. 

- Dee Dee L.     
Charleston, SC


I think that you have a great working place.  I work in Birmingham Towers and know Righteous, Wilma and Grendel. Having 2 Labs myself I think it is neat that people can bring their dog to work with them.  After all Labs are people too!  I believe that the working environment you created is conducive to hard work from your employees and commend you. You have beautiful pottery!!  Your outside area really looks nice since you worked on it. Take Care,

- Sharon


I saw your work for the first time last weekend at my cousin's wedding.  It was a truly unique and special present that they will cherish for many years!!!  Now I only wish that I had an upcoming event, so that I could share your wonderful work with someone!!!!

I placed an order yesterday for 2 marriage crocks.  I have had so many compliments on the many crocks that I have given in the past. 

- Karen W.    
Webster WI


Just this weekend I saw one of your marriage crocks for the first time. I absolutely loved it, and will soon be ordering something from you for my parents anniversary. They have some authentic salt-glazed pottery, and I'm sure they would like to have one of your pieces.

- Barbara C.


This is the 3rd piece my family has purchased. We absolutely love them. It is a great Wedding gift that hold many memories for years to come for the couples.  Every one that we have given has been a cherished gift. Thanks!

- Chyna Mills


I just received my personalized pitcher yesterday. It's absolutely beautiful and larger than I expected. It's for my parents anniversary, and they're going to love it. I've been telling everyone about your pottery and how nice it is. Thanks for a great job.

- Barbara C.         
Williamsport, Pa.


My husband and I were married on April 15, 2000, and my sister gave us your wedding crock for a gift.  I have to say that it is a beautiful piece, made even more special by the fact that our names are on it!  Our father collects stoneware, and we grew up in a house full of pickle crocks and whiskey jugs, so having something so personal is like have a slice of childhood in my adult home. Thanks for your hard work and your great idea.  I look forward to giving Zotter the Potter gifts in the future.

- Noreen J.


I just received the marriage crock from a friend.  It is absolutely awesome! I collect crocks from various places/towns, however, I never knew that a crock like this, a "marriage" crock existed.  This is definitely a one of a kind of crock that will be handed down to the grandkids. What a special gift and a quality product.  Thanks!

- Lisa F.


Just a short note of appreciation to your firm for the quality of your work. My wife and I recently received the Anniversary piece and are really impressed. Thank you.

- Jim & Loretta K.

"Absolutely gorgeous! This is a fabulous gift idea and is so artfully made. I will definitely order more of these meaningful pieces. I love it!"--Cristen C. from Runnells, IA

Each piece is stamped one letter at a time, personalize it any way space permits, and for any gift occasion. The form will point out any restrictions. To order by mail, print blank order forms, and complete it by hand.

  • All personalizations will appear as CAPITALS ONLY.
  • If you type "EST", we default to "est" in small letters on the pot.
  • Use asterisks (*) for stars in personalization boxes.
  • Periods and commas are not used in the dates. We can use apostrophes.
  • Months more than 4 letters long are abbreviated.


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